Vortexly Software

Web-App Software Solution

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Our Features

These are some of our core features. They have high priority for us to provide you the best possible user experience.

Laptop Dashboard

Light and Dark Design

VortexlyAdmin and any other official Vortexly Apps contain a Light- and Dark-design to best suit your taste. You can switch between them with just one Click in our dashboard (VortexlyAdmin).

Our Services

A list of most Services of Vortexly Software

Fully Customizable

The dashboard lets you edit any Information individually. You can edit Information regarding you LegalNotice, Page name and much more just using our simple online dashboard.

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About the Founders

A bit Information about the Founders of Vortexly Software.

Download Vortexly Software

Download Vortexly Core (Version: 1.0.0 Closed Alpha 11) now for FREE.

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Try a Demo of Vortexly Software now

You can now try a Demo version of Vortexly Software. Test all our Features and Services in your own Software instance. Should you like Vortexly you can download it with just 1 Click.

Join our Discord

Join our Discord to get access to many additional Services. On our Discord you get Notifications about the latest updates and News about our Software, you can have a chat with our Teammembers or connect with other users of Vortexly.

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Screenshots of Vortexly Admin

Here you see a few Sneak Peaks of our Dashboard